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6 July 2011: Calibration of the CO 2 / H 2 O analyzers and air sampling with our colleagues from the IC3 and UPC, at the Pla de Riart and La Bertolina micrometeorological stations.


1 July 2011: Preparation of a flight by ICTJA-CSIC and IG to take geo-referenced aerial photographs above the Pla de Riart.



March 2011: Installation of the second Spanish FLUXPYR micrometeorological station in a grassland at La Bertolina (Catalonia, Spain)


21 October 2010 : A team from the Institute of Geomatics preparing a flight to test colour and infrared cameras coupled with a georeferential System. The photos are georeferenced and used to follow vegetation dynamics and land cover.


July 2010 - Installation of the FLUXPYR micrometerological mast at the Pla de Riart (Catalonia)


21-22 June 2010: Visit of two colleagues from CESBIO in Solsona to help with FLUXPYR Sites selection.
Two colleagues from CESBIO, Eric CESHIA and Pierre BEZIAT visited the ECOFUN lab to help with the selection of the two sites required for the installation of the next FLUXPYR micrometeorological masts. A visit of the first site (pla de Riart) was programmed on monday 21, while potential plots for the masts 2 and 3 (Bartolina, Pla de l'Estany, Castellar de N'Hug) were visited on Tuesday. Thanks guys for sharing your expertise and good mood!

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