Dr. Yasmin Piñuela

Post PhD resercher

Address at the CTFC:
Laboratory of Functional Ecology and Global Change (ECOFUN)
Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC)
Carretera de Sant Llorenç de Morunys, km 2
25280 Solsona, Spain


phone: 626252295

Holding a PhD in Forest Engineering, I have been focused my research on the beneficial symbiosis existing among mycorrhiza and plants, mostly focusing on the genus Tuber at truffle plantations, but covering other mycorrhizal (endo and ectomycorrhizal) species, soil microorganisms (bacteria) and macroinvertebrates (earthworms). After finished my bachelor’s degree, and during the realization of the master´s degree in Ecosystem Restoration, I was involved in the Department of Forest Physiology and Genetics in the Slovenian Forestry Institute. Also, during two different COST actions, I had an internship at the CEFE-CNRS in Montpellier (France) at the Department of Biotic Interactions. During my PhD I was involved in a collaborative project among CTFC and Swiss Federal Research Institute (WSL) at the group of Ecological Genetics. Nowadays, I am currently working on plant-soil microorganism’s interactions, biogeochemical processes associated to ecosystem function and the ecosystem services provided by grasslands.

Selected publications

Piñuela Y, Alday JG, Oliach D, Bolano F, Colinas C, Bonet JA (2020) Use of inoculator bacteria to promote Tuber melanosporum root colonization and growth on Quercus faginea saplings. Forests 11:792.

Piñuela Y, Alday JG, Oliach D, Castaño C, Bolaño F, Colinas C, Bonet JA (2021) White mulch and irrigation increase black truffle soil mycelium when competing with summer truffle in young truffle orchards. Mycorrhiza 30:1-2.

Hagenbo A, Piñuela Y, Castaño C, Martínez de Aragón J, de‐Miguel S, Alday JG, Bonet JA (2021) Production and turnover of mycorrhizal soil mycelium relate to variation in drought conditions in Mediterranean Pinus pinaster, Pinus sylvestris and Quercus ilex forests. New Phytologist. 230(4):1609-22.

Adamo I, Piñuela Y, Bonet JA, Castaño C, de Aragón JM, Parladé J, Pera J, Alday JG (2021) Sampling forest soils to describe fungal diversity and composition. Which is the optimal sampling size in Mediterranean pure and mixed pine oak forests? Fungal Biology 125(6):469-476

Şen I, Piñuela Y, Alday JG, Oliach D, Bolaño F, Martínez de Aragón J, Colinas C & JA Bonet (2021) What is the best mulch removal time for Tuber melanosporum mycelium development? Forest Systems. Volume 30, Issue 1, eSC02

Staubli F, Imola L, Dauphin B, Molinier V, Pfister S, Piñuela Y, Schürz L, Sproll L, Steidinger BS, Stobbe U, Tegel W (2022) Hidden fairy rings and males—Genetic patterns of natural Burgundy truffle (Tuber aestivum Vittad.) populations reveal new insights into its life cycle. Environmental microbiology.

Taschen E, Callot G, Savary P, Sauve M, Piñuela Y, Rousset F, Parladé J, Selosse MA, Richard F (2022) Efficiency of the traditional practice of traps to stimulate black truffle production, and its ecological mechanisms. Scientific Reports 28;12(1):1-2.

Centenaro G, Magaña, Amouzgar L, Piñuela Y, Son D, Bonet JA, Martínez de Aragón J, Dashevskaya S, Castaño C, Alday JG (2022) Silvicultural management and altitude prevail on soil properties and fungal community in shaping understorey plant communities in a Mediterranean pine forest. Accepted. Science of the Total Environment