FU€L-AGRIMAGE proposes the evaluation of the viability of mixed energy-feed polycropping systems in rural areas, to guarantee the ecological transition through low-impact agricultural activities, and facilitate the low-carbon economy transition through biodiesel production locally from oil energy (cash) crops while maintaining the traditional feed (food) crops, basic for the preservation of extensive livestock farming; this latter activity supports part of the rich biodiversity and associated goods and services of those rural areas. Furthermore, FU€L-AGRIMAGE will evaluate the suitability of time-series of high definition and high quality photogrammetric products acquired by lightweight sensors equipped on drones (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAVs) to assist in crop management through the analysis of polycultures’ seasonal and spatial evolution, supporting both ecological and digital transitions in agricultural systems by implementing high-impact new technologies in the agrifood sector, including digitalization and big data. Using a Case Study area in the Solsonès county, mountainous area in Central Catalonia, where the group and associated institutions count with an ample network of supporting stakeholders (farmers, administration, …), FU€L-AGRIMAGE proposes a small-scale production system for the self-sufficiency of local farmers, thus reducing the energy dependence of this area.