COST ES0903 (2009-2013): Spectral Sampling Tools for Vegetation Biophysical Parameters and Flux Measurements in Europe

The main objective of the Action is to develop common protocols and new instruments within a larger European network for optical measurements, bringing together scientists and industries in order to increase the reliability, value and cost-efficiency of the existing spectral observations within the European flux network. The Action will focus entirely on the optical sampling strategies, which can be considered a fundamental tool in monitoring Biophysical Parameters (BP) and which act as a “bridge” between the flux tower and the remote sensing community.

Flux towers remain a primary tool for understanding ecosystem carbon fluxes within the FLUXNET and CarboEurope IP networks. In the last years, important EU initiatives have been started (such as EUFAR, IMECC, ICOS and COST Action ES0804) to coordinate a common dataset for characterizing the carbon balance of Europe.
Dissemination and coordination will be fundamental in this Action. Development of common measurement methodologies, data management systems, and metadata protocols will make a significant contribution to the European research community.

The objectives are also to standardise ground spectroradiometric measurements, to analyse the limits and opportunities of the current tools, to introduce a new low cost sensor to continuously monitor BP, and to facilitate interdisciplinary science collaborations between the optical sampling, remote sensing and flux tower scientific communities.

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