LIFE CLIMARK: Forest management promotion for climate change mitigation through the design of a local market of climatic credits


The main objectives of the CLIMARK project are to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and increase the carbon sink capacity of Mediterranean forests by fostering the mitigating effects of multifunctional forest management through the creation of a climate credit market. The proposed multifunctional forest management is based on three pillars: carbon, water and biodiversity. The project is being implemented in the region of Catalonia (Spain) and is being replicated in the region of Veneto (Italy).
Specific objectives of the project:
1. Maintain and improve the mitigating capacity of forests in Mediterranean Europe.
2. Design a local ‘climate credit’ market as a tool to incentivise multifunctional forest management that focuses on climate change mitigation.
3. Raise awareness, provide training and equip all those interested in compensating their emissions through ‘climate credits’ with the requisite tools.


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