COST 852 (2005-2008): Quality legume-based forage systems for contrasting environments

The objective of this integrated European action is to increase the quality and the quantity of home grown proteins from regionally adapted forage systems. The action will contribute to sustainable agriculture through: reduced requirements for inorganic N fertilizers from non-renewable sources; reduced losses of N to the environment; reduced need for imported concentrates; and maintained and improved soil structure and fertility. The head of the Laboratory is the chair-woman of WG2, Sward management, within the action. Dr. Pere Casals is the Spanish representative in WG2. An experiment dealing with mixtures from forage species is being carried out within COST 852. The main aims focus on agronomical issues: stability of mixtures versus monocultures, benefits from legumes to soils, and on diversity issues –complementarity of species in mixtures through resources availability.Link

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