Gonzalo Guerra Ferrer – PhD Student


Departament d’Hortofructicultura, Botànica i Jardineria

Escola Tècnica Superior d’Ingenyeria Agraria (ETSEA)

Universitat de Lleida

Avinguda Alcalde Rovira Roure 191  25198 Lleida, Spain

Office: Edifici 2, despatx 2.01.06

Phone: (+34) 973 702 623


I hold a degree in Forest Engineering (University of Chile, 2006) and a MSc. in Research for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems (University of Valladolid, 2011).

I undertook the project to master at the National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA) in Madrid. The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of abiotic factors and thinning intensities on the dynamics of growth in pine Pinus pinaster Ait., at Castilla La Mancha, Spain.

I currently carry out a PhD at the Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia (CTFC), at the Laboratory of Functional Ecology and Global Change (ECOFUN). My research focuses on the study of the effects of biodiversity on emissions of carbon sequestration and greenhouse gases along climatic gradients and land uses in degraded grasslands in the Pyrenees.

Before developing my thesis project at the doctorate, I participated as a technical researcher on the project “Development of management techniques to produce pinions stone pine (Pinus pinea L.), an attractive commercial option for Chile”, at the National Institute of Forestry Research (INFOR) under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chilean government.

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