Field Work

May 2012: Maintenance of the FLUXPYR station and greenhouse gases measurements with Dafne Padros.

April 2012: Greenhouse gas measurements at la Bertolina for CAPAS, FLUXPYR and CAPACITI, by Nuria, Merche, Haifa, Helena and Fabrice, using a Photoacoustic gas monitor (CO2, CH4, NH3, N2o) and a Licor Li-840 IRGA (CO2 and H2O).

April 2012: CLIMAFRICA field work – Xavier de Lamo

March 2012 – Roc, Haifa and Fabrice realizing soil profiles and carrying out soil sampling at Pla de Riart, Bertolina, Besora and Castellar de n’Hug

David  reparing the FLUXPYR micrometeorological station at la Bertolina

March 2012 – Nuria and Merche sampling vegetation and soil at la Bertolina

Angi mesuring ecosystem respiration

2011 – Fabrice measuring greenhouse gas emissions with a photoacoustic monitor

2011 – Dani weighing vegetation biomass

Angi, Jonathan, Rosa and Rosa thinking hard!

Rosa measuring LAI (with a ceptometer)

Aila sampling vegetation

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