Rosa Llurba Huguet – Agricultural Engineer / PhD Student


Laboratory of Functional Ecology and Global Change (ECOFUN)
Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC)
Carretera a Sant Llorenç de Morunys, km 2
25280 Solsona, Spain
Phone: (+34) 973 48 17 52
Rosa Llurba is Agricultural Engineer in Environmental Management. She completed her studies in Wageningen, focusing on systems approach, agroecology and design of prototypes of low input/ecological farming systems. She has participated in several research projects on the biodiversity-function relationship in agricultural and pastoral systems, including: the study of plant and related arthropod diversity in margins and boundaries; cultivated diversity in mixed forage systems, within the Agrodiversity experiment (COST action 852), and the OPS diversity experiment, assessing diversity effects on several ecosystem functions, including effects on different trophic levels, such as effects on arthropod communities; and diversity assessment in pastoral systems with different management practices.
    Selected publications:
    • Connolly,J., Sebastià M-T., Kirwan, L., Finn, J.A., Llurba, R., Suter, M., Collins, R.P., Porqueddu,C., Helgadóttir,A., Baadshaug, O.H., Bélanger, G., Black, A., Brophy, C., Čop, J., Dalmannsdóttir, S., Delgado, I., Elgersma, A., Fothergill, M., Frankow-Lindberg, B.E., Ghesquiere, A., Golinski, P., Grieu, P., Gustavsson, A.M., Höglind, M., Huguenin-Elie, O., Jørgensen, M., Kadziuliene, Z., Lunnan, T., Nykanen-Kurki, P., Ribas, A., Taube, F., Thumm, U., De Vliegher, A., Lüscher. A, 2017. Weed suppression greatly increased by plant diversity in intensively managed grasslands: a continental-scale experiment. Journal of Applied Ecology, in press.
    • Brophy, C., Finn, J. A., Lüscher, A., Suter, M., Kirwan, L., Sebastià M-T., Helgadóttir, Á., Baadshaug, O. H., Bélanger, G., Black, A., Collins, R. P., Čop, J., Dalmannsdottir, S., Delgado, I., Elgersma, A., Fothergill, M., Frankow-Lindberg, B. E., Ghesquiere, A., Golinska, B., Golinski, P., Grieu, P., Gustavsson, A.-M., Höglind, M., Huguenin-Elie, O., Jørgensen, M., Kadziuliene, Z., Kurki, P., Llurba, R., Lunnan, T., Porqueddu, C., Thumm, U. and Connolly, J., 2017. Major shifts in species’ relative abundance in grassland mixtures alongside positive effects of species diversity in yield: a continental-scale experiment. Journal of Ecology, doi:10.1111/1365-2745.12754.
    • Ribas, A., Lluba, R., Gouriveu, F., Altimir, N., Connolly, J., Sebastià, M.T., 2015. Plant identity and evenness affect yield and trace gas exchanges in forage mixture. Plant Soil, 387: 1-16. DOI: 10.1007/s11104-015-2407-7.
    • Sjogersten, S.; Llurba, R.; Ribas, A.; Yanez-Serrano, A.; Sebastià, M.-T., 2012. Temperature and Moisture Controls of C Fluxes in Grazed Subalpine Grasslands. Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research, 44: 239-246. DOI: 10.1657/1938-4246-44.2.239.
    • Sebastià M.T.; Llurba R.; Domínguez G.; Lloveras J. 2010. Agricultura, ramaderia i gestió forestal .Segon informe sobre el canvi climàtic a Catalunya. J. Llebot .pp. 677 – 760. Institut d’Estudis Catalans i Generalitat de Catalunya. ISBN 978-84-9965-027-2.
    • Llurba, R.; De Lamo, X.; Cuadros, M.; Ventura, D. & Sebastià, M.-T. 2008. Biodiversity and ecosystem services in mountain grasslands: a case study in the Planes de Son (Central Pyrenees). Grassland Science in Europe, 13: 132-134.
    • Sebastià M.-T.; Canals, R.M.; Marks, E. & Llurba, R. 2008. Low-intensity livestock systems in Europe: an opportunity for quality products, recreation revenues and environmental conservation. Grassland Science in Europe, 13: 892-901.
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